ILC Services – powerful search + less time = more productivity:
  1. Infolog Search Portal Service – our most popular service with obvious Time and Productivity savings as users come to one place and search across multiple information sources with the ability to customise searches to meet a business need.
  2. Infolog Notification Service – Can be bulk loaded or operate independently to advise when any detail relating to an ‘Entity’ changes. (Company, Property etc)
  3. Infolog Bulk Search Service – Bulk search a number of entities concurrently.  (e.g. properties, vehicles) This service can also be utilised to clean client data, gain a deep view of an industry sector, or combined with other services be utilised to score any matches to identify potential conflict of interest issues between providers and staff.
  4. Infolog Deep Search Service – permits a controlled system driven 'deep search' to link entities and their connections.
  5. Infolog Service Layer – System to System B2B direct access to search services outside the Portal, to enhance business processes.
We partner with you so we fully understand the business needs of your various business units and which service, or services each can utilise.
You will be amazed at how easy this process can be and you will see the immediate benefits as we make your peoples’ jobs easier while providing enhanced information services.”